Daniel Pearl, ASC

Director of Photography

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   				         Daniel Pearl, ASC 				Page 1
				 Director of Photography			
				       (323) 525-1976		    
	217 S. Lorraine Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90004  (323) 525-1976, FAX (323) 525-1905
	Bachelor of Science in Radio-TV-Film  Univ. of Texas, Austin.
	 Master of Arts in Communication (Film) Univ. of Texas, Austin.
	Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver Certification, PADI, Cairns, Australia
       2012 Maine Media Workshops “Advanced Digital Cinematography” Instructor
       2012 Global Cinematography Institute- Music Video Cinematography Instructor
       2012 Panel Member- Cine Gear Expo- Digital Revolution
       2011 Maine Media Workshops, Instructor “Visual Story Telling”
       2011 AFI Guest Lecturer, Advanced  Cinematography  Class.
2010 Jury President CAMERIMAGE FILM FESTIVAL Music Video Cinematography Award.
       2010 Guest Lecturer MEXICO CITY CINEMA CONVENTION
       2010  AFI Guest Lecturer, Advanced  Cinematography  Class.
       2010  Instructor, Lighting Seminar, Interlochen Arts Academy
       2009  TOP GROSSING FILM in U.S. week ending Feb. 19th , FRIDAY THE 13TH.
       2009  AFI Guest Lecturer, Advanced  Cinematography  Class.
2008 Administrator CAMERIMAGE FILM FESTIVAL Music Video Cinematography Award.
       2008 Panel member  HD Expo-ASC Show and Tell with Owen Roizman
       2008 Panel Member Cine Gear Expo-ASC Screen and Discuss
       2008 Panel Member- American Film Market-New Technologies and Indie Production
       2007  Instructor, Master Class Lighting Seminar, Cine Gear Expo
2007 Panel Member-Cine Gear Expo-Director /DP Relatonship.
2006 CamerImage Golden Frog Award for Outstanding  Cinematography Achievement in Music Clips and Advertising Spots.
       2006  Included in the feature length documentary CINEMATOGRAPHER STYLE.
	2006  Lecturer at International Cinematographer’s Guild Master Lighting Workshop.
       2006  How New Technology Affects the Art of Cinematography, CineGear Expo panel.
       2006  Cinematographers On Shooting In The New Economy, Beverly Hills Film Fest.
       2006 The Art And Evolving Science of Hybrid Filmmaking panel member, HD Expo
       2005 ASC panel member  Dialogue with ASC Cinematographers
       2004 AFI Guest Lecturer “Beauty Lighting” Advanced  Cinematography  Class.
       2004 Selected for membership in the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC)
       2003 AFI Guest Lecturer “Beauty Lighting” Advanced  Cinematography  Class.
2003 TOP GROSSING FILM in U.S.  the week of Oct. 17th. THE  TEXAS CHAINSAW  MASSACRE.
       2003 ASC Art of Commercial Cinematography  Panelist, October ASC Meeting.
       2002 AFI Guest Lecturer “Beauty Lighting” Advanced  Cinematography  Class.
       2002 Show Biz Expo Panel Member  “The Art of Lighting”
       2001  Hollywood Film Festival Panel “The Past, Present, and Future of Cinematography” 
	2001 Show Biz Expo Panel “Commercial Cinematography” & “The Art of Lighting”
	2001  Participant in the NY Art Directors Club’s exhibit  “The Art of Cinematography.
	2001  Selected by International Cinematographer’s Guild  for the Live Online Chat series.
	2001  Interviewed for International Cinematographer’s Guild “Heritage Series”
	2000 Show Biz Expo Panel  “The Effect of Music Video Cinematography on Features”.
	1999 AICP Best Commercial Cinematography Award - Motorola “Wings”.
1999 Motorola “Wings” spot added to the permanent collection of the New York       Museum of Modern Art.
1999 Included  on  Eastman Kodak’s  “100  Of The World’s Leading  Cinematographers” poster.
1999 Berlin Film Festival  GOLDEN EFFI- Best Commercial, Freixenet Champagne “Magic”.
1998 MTV BEST FEMALE VIDEO NOMINATION.  Mariah Carey  & Puffy Combs "Honey-The Remix"
1997 KODAK VISION - HALL OF FAME AWARD for Music Video Cinematography, first inductee.
1996 MVPA  LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD   Music Video Producers' Association.
	1995 GRAND CLEO FOR TELEVISION  "Bridge" for Pioneer CD players.
1994 Selected by Angenieux to be the subject of a print  ad for their  25-250 mm HR  zoom lens.
1993 ShowBiz Expo Panel Member "The Relationship Between Directors and Cinematographers: The Yin and Yang of Movie-Making".
	1992 MTV BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY AWARD, Guns N' Roses "November Rain".
1992 Music Video Producers Assoc. NOMINATIONS FOR BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY "November Rain" & "I Can't Dance".
       1991 Selected by Eastman Kodak to be subject of "On Film" print ad.
       1990 CLEO NOMINATION for Best Car Commercial "MetaMORPHosis" Plymouth.
	1990 Ultimatte Achievement Award, Terence Trent D'arby "To Know Someone Deeply".
1989 CLEO NOMINATION for Best Beer Commercial,Joe Piscopo "Nite of the Living Lite".
       1988 Laser Industry Award BEST USE OF LASERS IN A FILM, H.Hancock"Vibe  Alive". 
	1988 Selected to Eastman Kodak Cinematographers panel to discuss future film stocks.
	1985 Selected as Guest Lecturer by Eastman Kodak for their "Lighting for 		         	     	Film, Professional  Perspective Seminar" at USC.
	1984 MTV BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY AWARD, Police "Every Breath You Take".
	1984 MTV BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY NOMINATION, John  Mellencamp "Authority Song" 
       1984 American Music Awards BEST COUNTRY VIDEO, Oak Ridge Boys "Every Day".
	1984 EASTMAN KODAK CERTIFICATE of MERIT, Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean".
	1984 EASTMAN KODAK CERTIFICATE of MERIT, Duran, Duran "The Reflex".
1983 BILLBOARD Mag. BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY AWARD,Police "Every Breath You  Take".
1983 Amer. Video Awards BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY AWARD, "Every Breath You  Take".
1983 Amer. Video Awards BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY NOMINATION  Michael Jackson  "Billie Jean"
1983  "Ice Cream For Crow" by Captain Beefheart selected for the Short Film Collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art.
	1980 Panel Member 2nd Annual BILLBOARD Film and Video Conference. 
1978 GOLDEN GLOBES Nomination for Best Film ,Hollywood Foreign Press I  NEVER PROMISED YOU A  ROSE  GARDEN.
1976 Gold Medal,Brussels Science Fiction&Fantasy Film Festival TEXAS CHAINSAW  MASSACRE.
	1975 TEXAS  CHAINSAW  MASSACRE  Selected for Permanent Film
		Archive, New York Museum of Modern Art.
	1975 Selection for Screening, Realiteseur's Quinzzaine, Cannes Film Festival

       2011 Included in the non fiction novel “I Want My MTV”
       2011 International Cinematographers Guild Mag Dec. “Refraction”
       2010  “Making A Change - Daniel Pearl Shoots DNA Spot” Jan. KODAK IN CAMERA.
       2009  Contributor to J.B.Frost’s CINEMATOGRAPHY FOR DIRECTORS guidebook.
       2009  “Revisiting FRIDAY THE 13TH with Daniel Pearl, ASC”  Jan. KODAK IN CAMERA.
       2007  “Lights, Guts, and Glory” Studentfilmmakers Mag. Dec 2007 
       2006  “Music For The Eyes”  PRODUCTION  UPDATE, Nov.
       2006  “Visual Masters of Horror” MOVIE MAKER, Fall
       2006  “Lighting Commercials”  PRODUCTION  UPDATE, Oct
       2006  “PATHFINDER-Vikings on the Warpath”, AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER, Sept.
       2006  “Shooting Overseas Heats Up” PRODUCTION  UPDATE, Sept.       
	2005  “Spots On Film Get Noticed In HD” THE ADVERTISER, Aug.
       2005  “The Big Timers” FILM & VIDEO MAGAZINE, April
2005 “Sweet 16”  FILM & VIDEO  MAGAZINE, Feb.
2005  “Daniel Pearl Creates A Dark Look For Frankenstein”  HIGHDEF MAGAZINE, Feb.
             2004 “Texas Showdown” R. Rodriguez & D. Pearl- Mar. INT. CINEMATOGRAPHERS GUILD mag
             2003 “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre  Oct. INT. CINEMATOGRAPHERS GUILD mag.
            2003 “A Second Stab at Texas Chainsaw Massacre” June FILM & VIDEO mag.
             2003 “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”  Oct. IN CAMERA
             2003 “Difference Between Vids & Spots”  July  INT. CINEMATOGRAPHERS GUILD Mag.
             2003  “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” FANGORIA , August issue.
             2003 “Daniel Pearl Takes Us Back To The CHAINSAW MASSACRE  June, FILM & VIDEOMag.
2003 “Cinematographer Daniel Pearl on remaking THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE
V Magazine Jan. issue 2003
       2002  “The Art Of Cinematography” January INT. CINEMATOGRAPHER’S  GUILD MAG.
	2001 “MTV  at 20-Letting Creative Talent Loose”  August issue FILM & VIDEO.
	2001  “A Big Bang In The Bahamas “ July AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER  MAG.
	2001 “Pearls of Wisdom On Beauty Shots”  July IN CAMERA
	2000  “Music Video Mavericks-VMA Nominees”  Sept. INT. CINEMATOGRAPHER’S  GUILD MAG. 
	2000  “Kovacs and Pearl Revisit the Past, Focus On the Future”  Jan. THE INDUSTRY MAG.
       2000  “MTV Recognizes Cinematographers’ Contribution To Sucessful Videos” Jan. IN CAMERA
	1999  “A  Pearl of Great Price” November issue of INT. CINEMATOGRAPHER’S GUILD MAG.
	1999  Kodak Motion Picture Films Catalogue
	1998  “Impetuous Motion”  December  issue  of AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER MAG.
	1998  Cover Shot,  ON LOCATION Magazine, May Issue.
       1997 "The Art of the Music Video"  November Issue FILM & VIDEO.
	1997 "The Tracking Shot" p.93  June issue PREMIERE .
	1997 "The Art of the Commercial-The Sequel"  April FILM & VIDEO.
	1997 "Bringing Back Texas Chainsaw's  Buzz"  April AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER.
	1996 "On The Chase" November  issue LIGHTING DIMENSIONS
	1996 "The Art of the Commercial" April FILM & VIDEO
	1995 "Perspective on Perfection" September  AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER Mag.
	1995 "Cinematographer Daniel Pearl Pushes the Limits with the Angenieux 25-250 HR
		Lens" March Issue FILM & VIDEO.
	1994 "Trends in Lighting and Technology Change the Way Music Video 					Cinematographers Approach Their Work" April  Issue FILM & VIDEO.
	1993 "Post Collaboration Unleashes Creative Potential" (i.e. Telecine), October 				issue of AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER Magazine.
       1993 "Award-Winning Cinematographers Focus on the Intricate Relationship Between 			the Director  and  the Cinematographer" August FILM & VIDEO Magazine.       
	1993 "RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW-Cinematographer Daniel Pearl Uses the Super 16
		Format to Shoot a New Van Halen Concert "March FILM & VIDEO Mag.  
       1992 "Pearl's Wisdom Helps Car Develop Crush" August AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER. 
       1992 "The Art of Cinematography" January Issue of LOCATION UPDATE.
	1992 "Advances In Technology Are Shaping The Look Of Commercials" Summer Issue 			of  THE ADVERTISER
	1991 "Cinematographers Talk About Lighting Music Videos" August FILM & VIDEO Mag.
	1991 "Pearl And Film And Rock N' Roll" Fall Issue of PRODUCER'S QUARTERLY.
       1984  Singled out in Sept. issue of FORTUNE Magazine as a main force in music video. 
		"Competition: The Crowded New World of TV"
	1984  Included in SPLATTER MOVIES  "The Making  of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW  MASSACRE" 
       1981  Included in WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN FILM NOW.

	http://www.danielpearldp.com    Personal cinematography website, reels, etc.
       http://www.cameraguild.com/interviews/chat_pearl/index.htm  -transcript of International
		Cinematographer’s Guild Live Online Chat 4/28/01 , bio, etc.)
		Interview  regarding Motorola “Wings” on ASC web site.
	http://mvdbase.com/tech/P/dpear.htm         Music Video cinematography credits.                                           
	http://www.cameraguild.com/Rodriguez/Pearl    Film vs. Digital debate.
       http://mvwire.com/dynamic/article_view.asp?AID=10156    Aaliyah “Try Again”
	http://musicvideos.allinfo-about.com/pearl.html 	http://www.kodak.com/US/en/motion/newsletters/inCamera/july2001/pearl.shtml 	http://www.cinematographer.com/magazine/0,1210,28981,00.html   American 
		Cinematographer magazine “She Bangs” article.
	http://www.filmandvideomagazine.com/2001/09_sep/features/mtv203.htm 	http://www.empire-pov.com/kov.html 
	http://us.imdb.com/Name?Pearl,+Daniel  -Feature credits.

Daniel Pearl-Director of Photography   2012						

	Jennifer Lopez for Brahma Beer, directed by Heitor Dhalia
	Mariah Carey for Jenny Craig, directed by Mariah Carey.
	Bose Sports Ear Buds, directed by Stacy Nimmo
	Guild Wars 2 directed by James McTeague.  
	Wild Turkey “Rough Bar” directed by Bob Giraldi.
	Brittany Spears for Twister, directed by Ray Kay.	

	Deadmau 5 “Professional Griefers” directed by Paul Boyd.	
       Usher “Dive” directed by Chris Applebaum.
       Mariah Carey with Rick Ross & Meek Mill “Triumphant” directed by Nick Cannon.
       Glen Frey “Route 66” & “Shadow of your Smile” directed by Jim Gable.
	Shania Twain and Lionel Ritchie  “Endless Love “, directed by Paul Boyd in Nassau, Bahamas.
	Pitbull “MIB3” directed by  David Rousseau.
	Aura Dione “Friends” directed by Ray Kay.
	Usher “Numb” directed by Chris Applebaum	
       Havanna “We Run The Night” directed by Ray Kay.

Daniel Pearl-Director of Photography   2011				
	Fox Sports “Con Garra NY Yankees” directed by Blake Danforth.
       The Dailey, directed by Blake Danforth
	Fox Sports Con Garra “UFC Fighter” directed by Blake Danforth.
	State Farm, Directed by Steve Ramser.
	ABC Promos
	Fox Sports “Con Garra Anaheim Angels” directed by Joel
	Smirnoff directed by Michael Mc Quarn.
	India Go Airlines, directed by Steve Antin.
	Mariah Carey for T-Mobile, directed by Dennis Liu.
	Fox Sports “Con Garra NY Jets” directed by Blake Danforth.
	Vizio Rose Bowl Spot, directed by  Jason Wulfsohn.

	Kanye West and Jay-Z “Niggas in Paris”, directed by Kanye West.	
       Michael Jackson “Holywood Nights” directed by Wayne Isham.
       Julia Ara “Unbroken” directed by Ray Kay.
       Jay Sean “Hit The Lights” directed by Billie Woodruff.
       K. Michelle, “How Many Times” directed by Benie Boom.
	“No One Lives”, directed by Ryuhei Kitamura in New Orleans, La.

Daniel Pearl-Director of Photography   2010						

	Mennen “Train Parkour” directed by Fabrice Carazo in Bangkok, Thailand.
       Fox Sports 2010 MLB All Star Game, directed by Robert Gottlieb.
	Accuvue, directed by Kieran Walsh.
	Invisalign, directed by Kieran Walsh.
	O2 commecial, directed by Marcus Virpio in Capetown, So. Africa, Helsinki, and Kitila, Finland.

	Mariah Carey “Oh Santa” directed by Ethan Lader.
	Rick Ross “Aston Martin Music” directed by Gil Green.
	Nadine Coyle “Insatiable” directed by Wayne Isham.

FEATURE: The Apparition, directed by Todd Lincoln for Joel Silver Dark Castle in Berlin and L.A.

	Lighting Consultant “Mariah Carey 2010 Christmas Special”

Daniel Pearl-Director of Photography   2009			

	Mary J. Blige for AT&T, directed by Dave Meyers.
	“Change of Heart” DNA Telephone Co of Finland., directed by Markus Virpio in Helsinki.
	Broadview Security, directed by the Goetz Brothers
       Ray Allen for Direct TV , directed by Rob Hoover.
       Dale Earnhart  Jr. for Nationwide Insurance, directed by David McNamara.
	Alltel Wireless, directed by Greg Popp.
	Fox Sports NASCAR “Projection” and “Diner”, directed by Robert Gottlieb.
	Fox Sports NASCAR, “Diner” directed by Blake Danforth
	Mariah Carey “I Wanna Know What Love Is” directed by Hype Williams.
       Puff Daddy  “ Angels”, directed by Hype Williams in New York City.
	Kanye West “Amazing” directed by Hype Williams in Kauai, Hawaii.
	Mariah Carey  and Neo “ Angels Cry “ directed by Nick Cannon.
	Mariah Carey and   Nicki  Minaj     “Up Out My Face“ directed by Nick Cannon.

FEATURE: The Effect , directed by Charles Dutton	

Daniel Pearl-Director of Photography   2008					
	Ross Dress for Less, directed b y Marcus Nispel.
	Vernel Shampoo, directed by  Anniken Lien in Montevideo, Uruguay.
	MediaMarkt “blod, manner & die alte Rohre”, directed by Jeff Ford in Vienna,.
	NHTSA “Impaired Motorcyclist”, directed by Rupert Wainwright.
	Cocoa Pebbles “Chef”, directed by Michael Patterson.
	Valerie Bertinelli for Jenny Craig, directed by Marcus Nispel.

       George Michael - Live at Earl’s Court, directed by Andy Morahan.
	Cher - Concert Clips, directed by David Mallot

FEATURE: Friday  the 13th I, directed by Marcus Nispel in Austin, Texas
Daniel Pearl-Director of Photography   2007						 

	Eucerin  “Sweater” & “Beach House” directed by Anniken Lien in Sao Paolo. Brazil.
	Johnson & Johnson “Float Away” directed by Marcus Nispel
	Mercury Mariner “Soundwave”, “Attraction” & “Tree” directed by Bros. Strause.
	Chevrolet Through the Decades “Tailgate” & “ Engine Hoist”, directed by Marcus Nispel.
       MLB 2007 All Star Game Promo, directed by Robert Gotlieb in Phoenix.
	Excedrin “Running Man” directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Carefree “Venice Beach” directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Merck “Singulair” directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Excedrin Migrane “Roller Coaster” directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Ford  “The Excitement Is Coming” directed by Marcus Nispel in Shanghai and Sanya, China. 
	Aviva Insurance “Golden Glow” directed by Marcus Nispel in Vancouver.
	Trexima, directed by Marcus Nispel  in Vancouver.
	Mercury Sable, directed by the Brothers Strause.
	Presbyterian Hospital of Albuquerque, directed by Bart Cleveland.
	Susan G. Komen PSAs, directed by Marcus Nispel.	

	NLT 	“That Girl” directed by  Brett Simon.
	Jon Bon Jovi   “Make A Memory” directed by Kevin Kerslake in Nashville.
	Jon Bon Jovi	“Lost Highway”, directed by Anthony Bongiovi.

FEATURE:“The Kings Of Appletown” , directed by Bobby Moresco.
       Additional Photography for  Captivityi  directed by Roland Joffe.
	Additional Photography for Alien v. Predator: Requuiem

Daniel Pearl-Director of Photography   2006		

FEATURE: Alien versus Predator, Requiem , directed by the Brothers Strause.

	Lexus  “Desert”, “Competitors” & “Nigel and Trevor” directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Select Comfort, directed by Marcus Nispel in Rio de Janeiro.
	Vidal Sassone, directed by Marcus Nispel.
       Bell South, directed by Marcus Nispel.
       Champion Sportswear “Pole Vaulter” and “Football” directed by Kazuki Yamamoto
       T.com, directed by Marcus Nispel in Vancouver, B.C.
       Ultram, directed by Marcus Nispel.
       Best Buy, directed by David Ramser.
Drunk Driving PSA, directed by Rupert Wainwright.
Nuvaring, directed by Marcus Nispel.
Hertz “Amusement Park” directed by Marcus Nispel
	Tide Exploratory, directed by Marcus Nispel

	Mary J. Blige “Enough Cryin’ “ , directed by Hype Williams.
	Shane Ward “ “ directed by Wayne Isham.
	Hirumo “” directed by Marcus Nispel.

Daniel Pearl-Director of Photography   2005						

       Captivity  directed by Roland Joffe in Moscow.
       Pathfinder  directed by  Marcus Nispel in Vancouver,
       Lady Luck  Concert Sequence  directed by Donald Petrie.

	Payless Shoes directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Nintendo directed by Nathan McGuiness.
	Asience Hair Products directed by Marcus  Nispel in Bucharest, Romania.
	Carmin Electra for Max Factor, directed by Jake Nava.
       Checkers Restaurants directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Downey directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Fox Sports MLB All Star Game “Pinball” spot, directed by Robert Gottlieb.
	Toyota directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Texas Utlilities directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Nintendo “Geist” directed by Nathan McGuiness.
	Crest directed by Bob Giraldi
	Honda Motorcycles directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Fox Sports “BDSSP Dinner Club”, directed by Robert Gottlieb.

	Shania Twain “I Ain’t No Quitter” directed by Wayne Isham in Tijuana, Mexico.
	Trisha Yearwood “Georgia Rain” directed by Rocky Shenck
	Faith Hill “Mississippi Girl” directed by Wayne Isham
	Thalia “Amar Sin Ser Amada” directed by Jeb Ryan.

Daniel Pearl-Director of Photography   2004					

       National Treasure  Legend Sequence directed by Marcus Nispel.

	Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein directed by Marcus Nispel for  Lions Gate in New Orleans.

	Charlize Theron for Lux Soap, directed by Marcus Nispel
       Queen Latifah for Covergirl, directed by Marcus Nispel
       Sony Electronics directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Estella Warren for Love Body, directed by Andy Molrahan.
       Smirnoff Vodka, “Tagger” directed by Michael Cuesta.
       EA Sports “Slamdunk” directed by Marcus Nispel.
       Zest Soap directed by Marcus Nispel.
       Omarusa for Clairol, directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Whoopi Goldberg for Slimfast, directed by Bob Giraldi.
       Mod’s Hair, directed by Russell and Connie Guzman.
       Independence Airlines, directed by Marcus Nispel.
       Cargill “Chocolate” directed by Marcus Nispel in Rio de Janiero.
       Schwarzkopf directed by  Ralf Huttner in Barcelona.
       Emeril LeGasse for Crest, directed by Bob Giraldi.
       Oral-B directed by Marcus Nispel in Rio de Janiero.
       Nexium directed by David Cameron.
       Zales Diamonds directed by Marcus Nispel in Vancouver.
       Schwarzkopf directed by  Tony Eslinger in Munich.
       Nintendo Gameboy Six Spots, directed by Nathan McGuiness.
       Spiderman Video Game, directed by Alan Gourrier.
       Payless Shoes directed by Marcus Nispel.
       Home Depot directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Playtex, directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Florence Henderson for Polident directd by Rachal Harms.
	Thalai for Hersey’s Chocolate directed by Dave Meyers
	Ford “Invisable” & “Shadows” directed by Marcus Nispel.
	 Jadyn Maria for Clairol directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Remington Shavers directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Fox Sports Superbowl and NASCAR promos directed by Robert Gottlieb.
	Ringling Bros. Circus directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Vodaphone directed by Marus Nispel in Rio de Janeiro
	Dr Scholl’s “Gellin’” directed by Bob Giraldi.
	Fox Sports Pregame Superbowl promo directed by Robert Gottlieb.

	Janet Jackson, “I Want You” directed by Dave Meyers.
	Gretchen Wilson, “Redneck Woman” directed by David Hogan.
	Shania Twain “Party For Two” directed by Marcus Raboy in London.
	Shania Twain “Don’t” directed by Wayne Isham in Oaxaca. Mexico

	Janet Jackson BET Black History Month
	Janet Jackson Superbowl Halftime Show Promo
	Janet Jackson Album Notes Interview

Daniel Pearl-Director of Photography   2003					

	Bud Light Beer directed by Marcus Nispel.
       Citizen Watches “Sasha Cohen” “James Blair”  “Carlos Contreras” directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Ford F-150, directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Aquafina directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Busch Beer directed by Marcus Nispel in Vancouver, BC.
	Remington Shavers directed by Marcus Nispel.
       Covergirl, directed by Marcus Nispel.
       Progressive Power directed by Marcus Nispel in Orlando.
	Mennen Speed Stick “Alex Rodriguez” directed by Chris Carballo.
	Slimfast “Whoopi Goldberg” directed by Bob Giraldi.
       Ciba Contact Lenses directed by Marcus Nispel.
       Crest, directed by Bob Giraldi.
       Fidelity Securities directed by David Ramser.
       Clairol directed by Marcus Nispel.
       Zales Jewelers directed by Marcus Nispel in Vancouver, BC.
       Charmin “Football” directed by Bob Giraldi in Toronto, Ont.
       Cargill Enterprises directed by Marcus Nispel.
       Mulina Bianco Breads directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Verizon “Beach” “Bike” “Break Dancer” directed by Terry Heller in Rio De Janeiro.
	Zocar directed by Kieran Walsh.
	Head N’ Shoulders “Salon” directed by David Cameron.
	Olay “Frozen Moment” directed by David Cameron.
	Physique “Split Screen” directed by David Cameron.
       Tropicana “Striper” directed by Bob Giraldi.
       Zest Soap, directed by Marcus Nispel.
       Thalia Fashion K-Mart, directed by Dave Myers.
       Pearl  “ Rowboat” directed by Jonathan David.
       Citizens Bank directed by David McNamara.
	Boston Market, directed by Marcus Nispel.
       Red Lobster directed by Dave Ramser.
	Smucker’s Jelly directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Bastoncini Fish Sticks directed by Marcus Nispel.

	Shania Twain “Kaching “ directed by Antti J in Madrid and Mexico City.
	Celine Dion  “One Heart” directed by Antti J.
	Celine Dion “Have You Ever Been In Love “ directed by Antti J.
       Glloria Estephan “Wrapped” , directed by Gloria Estephan in Cuzco & Machu Picchu, Peru.
       Mary J. Blige “Love At First Sight” directed by Chris Robinson.
       Thalia  “Baby, I’m In Love” directed by Antti J.
       Mary J. Blige, “Ooh” directed by Sanji.
       Lucy Woodward “Dumb Girl” directed by Ulf.
	Mario “Come On” directed by Erik White.
	Amerie “I’m Coming Out” directed by Antti J.
	Carl Thomas & L.L. Cool J “” directed by Eric White.
	Tarralyn Ramsey “” directed by Jeb Ryan.

Daniel Pearl-Director of Photography   2002						


	American Express directed  by Sean Thonson.
	Wachovia directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Chernigivske Beer directed by Eric Barbier in Kiev, Ukraine.
	Michelob “Ultra” directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Duetsche Telecom “T-Online” directed by Marcus Nispel.
       Taco Bell  directed by Marcus Nispel.
       Dove  directed by Sean Thonson.
	ESPN “Without Sports what would bring families together” directed by Kieran Walsh in Madrid.
       Botox directed by Marcus Nispe.
	Aveeno directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Target “Bon Jovi” directed by Wayne Isham.
       RoC directed by Claudia Alberti.
	K-Mart directed by Marcus Nispel.
       Sure directed by Marcus Nispel in Lisbon, Portugal.
	Kenmore directed by Marcus Nispel.
       Red Lobster directed by Kieran Walsh
       Pep Boys directed by Antti J
	Sobe directed by Jonathan David.
	Ross directed by Marcus Nispel.
       Zions Bank directed by Kieran Walsh in Toronto.


	Jennifer Lopez  “Alive’ directed by Jim Gable.
	Moby  “Extreme Ways”  directed by Wayne Isham.
	Shania Twain “Up” directed by Antti J in Madrid, Spain.
       Brittany Spears “Boys” directed by Dave Meyers.
       Paul Simon “ Father and Daughter” directed by Wayne Isham.
Eve “Satisfaction” directed by Nzingah Stewart.
       Kelly Clarkston “This Moment” directed by Antti J.
Our Lady Peace “Somewhere Out There” directed by Eric Heimbold in Montreal.
	Wycleff Jean featuring Claudette “Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right” directed by Antti J.
	Lil’ Romeo “It Takes Two” directed by Nick Quested.
	Loveher “That’s How It’s Gonna Be” directed by Erik White.
	Thalia “Tu Y Yo”  directed by Antti J, additional photography  beauty close ups.
	Thalia “No Me Ensenaste  “  directed by Antti J.

“Texas Chainsaw Massacre”-Remake directed by Marcus Nispel.  Also photographed  the original.

Daniel Pearl-Director of Photography   2001					


	Gatorade  “Bleed” & Point of View” directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Owens Corning ”No Place Like Home”, directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Toyota Racing Team, directed by Jonathan David.
	Nexium “Everyman” directed by Marcus Nispel in Monterey, California.
	Mercedes Benz  M Class “Better” directed by Victor Garcia.
	U.S. Forest Service PSA “Crime Scene”, directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Visa Card, directed by Marcus Nispel.
	K Mart , directed by Marcus Nispel in Rio De Janiero, Brazil.
	Titleist “Media Blitz” directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Alberto Culver “Hydrology”, directed by Rebecca Blake.
	Gatorade “Steeple Chase”, “Football”, “Kick Boxing” Volleyball” & “Baseball” directed by Marcus Nispel.
	R. W. E. “Imagine” directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Verizon “Blind Date” “Train Station” & “Loaded With Features”  directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Schwarzkopf “Ray  of Light” directed by Rebecca Blake in Puerto Montt, Chile.
	Daimler Chrysler “Things I Like In Black” directed by Juan Roberts.
	Nexium  directed by Marcus Nispel in the caves of Page, Arizona.
	Swartzkopf “Image”  directed by Rebecca Blake in Madrid, Spain
	White Rain Shampoo “Water Fall”, directed by Timothy White in Winter Haven, FL.
	Tostitos “Flashbacks”, directed by Jonathan David in Toronto.
	Eclipse Gum  “Explosion Campaign” directed by David Ramser.
	Lincoln Automobiles directed Jonathan David.
	Mitsubishi Automobile, directed by Kobeshi in Okinawa, Japan.
	CBS Promos directed by Timothy White
	K Mart directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Mitsubishi Dion directed by Kobeshi.
	Atlantis Hotel directed by Meiert Avis
	Sears “Jim’s Your Brother” directed by David Ramser.

	Janet Jackson “All For You” directed by Dave Meyers.
	Mariah Carey “Loverboy” directed by David Lachapelle.
	Jessica Simpson “Irresistable” directed by Simon Brand.
	City High featuring Eve & Wyclif “Caramel” directed by Anti J.
	Brandy “What About Us” directed by Dave Meyers.
	Trisha Yearwood  “I Would Have Loved You Anyway” directed by Chris Rogers in Andalucia, Spain.
	Jamie O’Neal “Shiver” directed  by Thom Oliphant.
	G. Dep featuring P. Diddy “Special Delivery” directed by Nick Quested.
	Trisha Yearwood & Don Henley “Inside Out” directed by Chris Rogers.
	Timbaland featuring McGoo “All Y’All” directed by Nick Quested.
	Yolanda Adams “Never Give Up” directed by Anti J.
	Miami Sound Machine “I’m The Only One “ directed by Emelio Estephan
	PYT “ Sam Ol’, Same Ol’“ directed by Erik White.
	Shalim “Nadie Como Tu” directed by Emelio Estafan.
	RL “Good Love” directed by Steven Carr.
	Charlitans  “Love Is The Key” directed by Marcus Nispel.
	B2K  “Can You Handle It” directed by Erik White.
	3rd Faze “Shy” directed by Erik White.
	IMX “First Time” directed by Erik White.
	Little J “It’s The Weekend ” directed by Erik White.
	Ruff Endz “Someone To Love You”  directed by Jesse Torrero.

Daniel Pearl-Director of Photography   2000					

	AT&T”Whole World”, directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Sunkist “Classroom”, directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Tropicana “Soccer” & “Commuter”, directed by Marcus Nispel.
	“Mariah Carey & Sanma for Nescafe” directed by Nakano in New York & Tokyo.
	St. Paul  Ins. Group “Birds” directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Lubriderm “Aligator” directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Bud Light “Bubble Boys” directed by Jonathan David.
	Freixenet Champagne “Ice Cube” directed by Marcello Schnyder  in Zurich.
	Texaco directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Mercedes Benz “Service” directed by Jonathan David.
	OfficeMax.com directed by Marcus Nispel.
	T.Rowe Price “Egg” directed by Marcus Nispel.
	U.P.S. “Laser Beamers” directed by Jonathan David.
	Sears Kenmore directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Kellogg’s Vector “Olympians” directed by Kieran Walsh in Vancover, B.C.
	“Remax Realtors” directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Splenda  directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Nexium directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Downy directed by Kieran Walsh.
	Barclay’s Financial Services, directed by David Ramser.
	Entrust “Circles” directed by  Tim Story.
	Six Flags, directed by Jean Marc Piche	
	Bell South, directed by Kieran Walsh	
	Mattel Toys, directed by Jay Torres.
	Mariah Carey & Sanma for Nescafe/Play Station directed by Nakano in Toronto, Ont.
	GUM Toothpaste & Tooth care products, directed by Nakata .
	N’ Sync “Bye,Bye, Bye!” directed by Wayne Isham.  Winner 3VMA’s
	Aaliyah  “Try Again” directed by Wayne Isham.VMA Best Female Video.
	Lara Fabian  “I Will Love Again”  & “I Am Who I Am” directed by Paul Boyd.	
	R. Kelly “I Wish” directed by Christopher Erskin.
	N’Sync “This I Promise You”  directed by Dave Meyers in San Francisco.
	Ricky Martin “She Bangs” directed by Wayne Isham in Nassau, Bahamas.	
	Mariah Carey  “Oh Holy Night” directed by Sena Hamri.
	AC/DC “Stiff Upper Lip”, “Safe in New York” & “Satellite Blues”  directed by Andy Morahan.
	Mighty Bostones “So Sad To Say” directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Mary J. Blige “Your Child” directed by Bille Woodruff.
	Marc Anthony  “When I Dream At Night” directed by Rocky Schenck.
	Ricky Martin & Christina Aguilera  “Nobody Wants To Be Lonely” directed by Wayne Isham.
	Garth Brooks “When You Come Back To Me Again” directed by Garth Brooks.
	Thalia “Between The Sea And The Stars” directed by Simon Brand.
	The Goodie Mob & TLC “What It Ain’t” directed by Dave Meyers.
	Mos Deff, Pharoahe  Monch, & Nate Dogg “Oh No” directed by Jeff Richter.
	Offspring “Original Prankster” directed by Dave Meyers.
	Gloria Estefan “No  Me Dejes De Querer”, directed by Emelio Estefan.
	Jermaine DuPri, Nas, & Monica “I’ve Got To Have It” directed by Dave Meyers.
	Kandi “Cheatin’ On Me” directed by Fatima Robinson.
	S Club 7 “Natural To Me” directed by Andy Morahan.
	Don Phillips “You Make Me Love You More”, directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Lighting Consultant for Mariah Carey 2000 World Tour.
	Lighting Consultant  VH-1’s Divas 2000 tribute to Dianna Ross.
	Director of Photography, Mariah Carey “Rainbow” Tour long form, directed by  Sanna Hamri.
	Director of Photography for Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, Ice Cube & Enimem “Up In Smoke” 		Tour Concert Film, directed by Philip Atwell.
	Director of Photography  for Limp Bizkit Concert Film, directed by Fred Durst.

Daniel Pearl-Director of Photography   1999					
	Air Touch Cellular directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Vidal Sasoon directed by Rebecca Blake.
	Pepsi “Crosscountry” directed by Kevin Godley.
	“Michael Jordan” Haynes directed by Marcus Nispel.
	U.S.P.S. “Books” & “Travelers” / “GPS” & “Gyrosphere”/ “Young Magician”  directed by Kieran Walsh. 
	Mountain Dew “Busta Rhymes” directed by Alan Van Ryn.
	Adams Golf Clubs directed by Eric Young.
	KIA “Quints” directed by Dave Ramser.
	Honda  “Standout” directed by Jean-Marc Piche.
	Domino’s Pizza directed by Jesse Vaughn
	Bud Light “Tim McGraw”directed by Annabelle Jenkel.
	Midas “Black & White Campaign” directed by Kieran Walsh.
	Arizona Jeans “Hot Tub” & “Batting Cage” directed by David Ramser.
	Netmarket.Com directed by David Ramser.
	Hanes Socks “Fashion Runway” & “Figure Skater”  directed by  Jim  Lotter.
	Whitney Houston for Nissin of Japan, directed by Deborah Keefe.
	Lamisil “Athletes” directed by David McNamara.
	Mariah Carey  “Get Out the Help” PSA  directed by Josh Aronson.
	Mattel Toys, directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Atlantis Hotel directed by Meiert Avis.
	Pontiac directed by Christopher Erskin
	New York State Tourism Board directed by Kieran Walsh.
	Showtime directed by Marcus Nispel (CoDP)
	Tropicana “Calcium” & “Intro”  directed by Marcus Nispel.

	Whitney Houston “Heartbreak Hotel” directed by Kevin Bray.
	Shania Twain “Man, You Make Me Feel Like A Woman” directed by Paul Boyd.
	Mary J. Blige “Deep Inside” directed by Marcus Raboy.
	Filter “Take A Picture” directed by Dave Meyers.
	Cher  “All Or Nothing  “  directed by David Mallot.
	Mariah Carey “I Still Believe-Remix” directed by Mariah Carey.
	Mariah  Carey “Thank God I Found You” directed by Bret Ratner.
	Puff Daddy “Public Enemy Number One” directed by Martin Weisz.
	Puff Daddy “Public Enemy - Rock version” directed by Puffy & Matt X.
	Garth Brooks “The Sun Don’t Care” directed by Jon Small.
	Gath Brooks as Chris Gaines “Lost In You” directed by Jon Small.
	B*witched “Jesse Hold On” directed by Andy Morahan.
	Tina Turner  “When The Heartache Is Over” directed by Paul Boyd.
	DJ Rap “Good To Be Alive” directed by  Jeff Richter.
	Luis Miguel  “O Tu O Ninguna” directed by Rebbeca Blake in San Francisco.
	Shania Twain “You’ve Got A Way” directed by Paul Boyd.
	Trisha Yearwood  “I’ll Still Love You More” directed by  Garth Brooks.
	Def Leppard “Goodbye” directed by Dave Meyers.
	112 “Your Letter” directed by Marcus Raboy in Moab, Utah.
	Shanice “I Can’t Stay” directed by Christopher Erskin.
	Eminem and Dr. Dre “Guilty  Conscience” directed by Philip Atwell.
	Nobody’s Angel directed by Marcus  Nispel.
	Goodie Mob “Get Rich To This” directed by Marcus Raboy
	Da Bratt “What I’m Lookin’ For” directed by Dave Meyers.

	Lighting Consultant “Mariah Carey Homecoming Special”.
	Lighting Consultant “Shania Twain ‘Come On Over’ Live at Texas Stadium”
	Lighting Conultant “Mariah Carey Promotional Tour-Asia & South America”

Daniel Pearl-Director of Photography   1998					

	Motorola "Wings" directed by Marcus Nispel in Barcelona, Spain.
	"Kate  Moss" for L'Oreal, directed by Rebecca Blake in Paris.
	Pepsi "Ricky Martin" directed by Wayne Isham.
	Titleist “Tiger Woods”  directed by Marcus Nispel.
John Player Gold Leaf "Maxi Sailing Yacht" directed by Jason Harrington in the  Bahamas.
	Direct TV, directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Revlon  "New Complexion" directed by Rebecca Blake.
	“Juicey Juice” directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Ace Insurance Co. directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Lynx  Cologne directed by Andy Morahan.
	ITT, "Fish" directerd by Marcus Nispel.
	Fireman’s Fund, directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Tide "Older Brother", "Adopted Child", & "Tomboy" directed by Kieran Walsh.
	Tide "Divorced Dad"  &  “Grandfather”  directed by Kieran Walsh.	
	Italian Poultry Board "Swept Away" directed by Rebecca Blake in Sardinia.
	Preview Channel directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Mariah Carey for  The NYC Foster Parent Plan
	Mariah Carey for The NYC Fresh Air Fund

	Janet Jackson "You" directed by David Mallot in Glasgow, Scotland.
	Sean "Puffy" Combs  "Been Around The World-Remix" directed by Puffy Combs.
	Garth Brooks  "Anonymous" directed by  Garth Brooks.
	The Outcasts “Rosa Parks”  directed by Gregory Dark.
	Jennifer Lopez "Baila" directed by Jim Gable.
	Shania Twain  “From This Moment” directed by Paul Boyd.
	Will Smith “Miami”  directed by Wayne Isham.
	Dru Hill “These Are The Times”  directed by Bille Woodruff.
	Shania Twain “That Don’t Impress Me” directed by Paul Boyd.
	Billie Meyers "Tell Me" directed by Rebecca Blake.
	Passi "Il Fait Chaude" directed by  Marcus Nispel in Barcelona, Spain.
	Tyrese  "Nobody Else" directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Idina  Menzel "Minuet" directed  by Marcus Nispel.
	Keith Sweat "Come and Get With Me" directed by Christopher Erskin.
	98ľ "Because of You" directed by Wayne Isham in San Francisco.
	Debelah Morgan “I Love You” directed by Christopher Erskin.
	Gerald Levert “Taking Everything” directed by Christopher Erskin.
	R. Kelly & Celine Dion “ I’m Your Angel “directed by Bille Woodruff.	

	Director of Photography “Usher-Live in Concert” directed by Antoine Fuqua.
	Director of Photography  “Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston-When You Believe”  for NBC
		Special, directed by Mary Lambert.
	Lighting Consultant  "Mariah Carey-Around the Worldu".
	Lighting Consultant  "VH-1  Divas Live!"
	Lighting Consultant  "Mariah Carey-World Music Awards", Monte Carlo
	Documentary Cinematographer, “Whitney  Houston & Mariah Carey - When You Believe”
	Lighting Consultant “MTV Awards”
	Lighting Consultant “Billboard Music Awards”

Daniel Pearl-Director of Photography   1997					

	"Claudia Shiffer  for  Citroen" directed by Rebecca Blake.
	Barclays Bank "Boy Meets Girl","Chase" & "Voucher' directed by Andy Morahan.
	Dr. Scholls "Runner" directed by Kieran Walsh.
	Carl's Jr. "Airstream" directed by Annabel Jankel.
	Key Bank "Small Business" directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Carl's Jr.  "Man Eater" & "Aliens" directed by Annabel Jankel.
	GNC "Mega  Man", "Creatine", & "Saw Palmetto" directed by Kieran Walsh.
	Taco Bell "Monster Eyes" directed by Rocky Morton.
	AFLAC Insurance "Sons", "Daughters" , & "Wives" directed by Kieran Walsh.
	Freixenet Champagne "Magic" directed by Marcello Schnyder in Zurich.
	GNC "Models" & "Ski" directed by Kieran Walsh.
	Suzuki Motorcycles directed by Piers Plowden in Portland, Oregon.
	Budget Rent-a-Car "Surfer" directed by Rocky Morton.
	Paramount Amusements "Star Trek Ride" directed by Piers Plowden.
	Sprite "Lost Boys" & "Naz" directed by Steven Carr.
	Secret Deodorant directed by Pieter Maas in Sedona, Ariz.
	Reese's Nutrageous "Backpack" & "Candy Machine" directed by Rent Sidon.	
	Hardee's "Focacia, Italy" directed by Craig Gilespie.
	TVA "New Homes" directed by Kieran Walsh.
	AT&T  "Snowboard" directed by Peter  Bloomfield.
	Golden Corral "Flying Steak" directed by  Rent Sidon.

	Missey Elliot "Can't Stand The Rain" directed by Hype Williams.	
	Aaliyah "Four Page Letter”.
	Mariah Carey & Sean "Puffy" Combs "Honey - Remix".
	Mariah Carey "Butterfly".
	Aerosmith "Hole In My Soul" performance sequences, directed by Andy Morahan.
	Lil' Kim  "Crush On You" directed by Lance Rivera.				
	Michael Bolton "The Best of Love" directed by Daniela Federici.
	Sean "Puffy" Combs & Mace "Mo' Money, Mo' Problems" directed by Hype Williams.
	Mase  "Feel So Good" directed by Hype Williams.
	Mariah Carey "Honey" directed by Paul Hunter.
	Keith Sweat "Just A Touch" directed by Paul Hunter.
	Mary J. Blige "Love Is All You Need" directed by Paul Hunter.
	Mary J. Blige " Everything"  directed by Hype Williams.
	Will Smith "Gettin' Jiggy With It"  directed by Hype Williams.
	Usher Raymond "Nice & Slow" directed by Hype Williams in Paris.
	Salt N' Peppa "Are You Ready " directed by Bille Woodruff.
	Toni Braxton "I Don't Want To" directed by Toni Braxton & Bille Woodruff.
	Angel "Little Red Boat" directed by Rebecca Blake.
	Tarel Hicks "Silly" directed by Hype Williams 
	Phajja "What Are You Waiting For?" directed by Bille Woodruff.
	Lil' Kim, Left Eye, Da Bratt, Missey Elliot, & Angie Ramirez "Ladies' Night" directed by  Lance Rivera.

	Wallflowers "The Difference"  portrait photography , directed by Ken Fox.
	Mettalica "Cunning Stunts Concert"  director of photography, directed by Wayne Isham.
	Missy Elliot album photography.
	Usher "You  Make Me" Additional photography.

Daniel Pearl-Director of Photography   1996				

	Unisys  directed by Marcus Nispel.
	"United Health  Care" directed by Jason Harrington.
	VW  "Polo" directed by Andy Morahan.
	Smirnoff Vodka "Smarienburg"  U.S. Unit, directed by Michel Gondry.
	Nike"Dream Team 96-" second unit directed by Jason Harrington for Tony Kaye.
	Key Bank Visa "Skyscraper & Dirvish" directed by Marcus Nisperl.
	"Oscar de La Hoya " Mennen Speed Stick directed by Chris Carballo
	Flair Cigarettes "Dive" directed by Meiert Avis U/W  in the Fiji Islands.
	"Red Cross"  PSA's directed by Kieran Walsh.
	"Tia Maria- Princess of Darkness" directed by Andy Morahan.
	Bally's "Workout  '96" directed by Steve Connor.
	Sheseido Cosmetics "Snare" & "Lasso" directed by Kuroda.
	"Easter Island Statues" Organics Hair Products directed by Rebecca Blake.
	Kinney Shoes "Sleep" & "Hotel" directed by Jason Harrington.
	Ashland Oil  directed  by Kieran Walsh
	Tennessee Valley Authority  "Nissan" directed by Kieran Walsh.
	Nutrament directed by Chris Carballo. 

	The Fugees "Ready Or Not" directed by Marcus Nispel.
	R. Kelly "I Believe I Can Fly" directed by Hype Williams.
	Gloria Estephan "Reach" directed by Marcus Nispel.
	R.Kelly  "Down Low"& "Down Low Remix" directed by Hype Williams.
	Toni Braxton "You're Making Me High" directed by Bille Woodruff.
	Aliyah "One In A Million" directed by Paul Hunter.
	Vanessa Williams " Where Do We Go From Here" directed by Andy Morahan.
	George Michael  "Older" directed by Andy Morahan.
	Whitney Houston "Step by Step " directed by Paul Hunter.	
	R.Kelly "I Can't Sleep" directed by Hype Williams.
	Toni Braxton "Unbreak My Heart" directed by Bille Woodruff.
	Luis Miguel  "Dame"  directed by Marcus Nispel
	R.Kelly "Thank God It's Friday" directed by Hype Williams.
	Crash Test Dummies "He Liked To Feel It" directed by Ken Fox.
	Herbert  Gronemeyer "Bochum Live" directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Sean "Puffy" Combs  "Can't Nobody Hold Me Down" directed by Paul Hunter.
 	D.O.S.  "Baby,Baby,Baby  " & "Kiss Me" directed by Scott Calvert.
	Seiko  "Missing You" & "Darling" directed by Rebecca Blake.
	Ricky Skaggs "Cat's In The Cradle".
	Keith Sweat "Twisted" directed by Paul Hunter.
	Tboz "I Touch Myself" directed by Bille Woodruff.
	Miki Howard "Something I Never Had" directed by Marcus Nispel.
	112  "Come See Me" directed by Sean "Puffy" Combs.
	Babyface "For The Lover In You" directed by Hype Williams(Additional Photography).

	Still photographer, "Renown Department Stores" of Japan.
	Additional Photography , Bush "Greedy Little Fly" directed by Marcus Nispel.

Daniel Pearl-Director of Photography   1995 					

	"Boheme L'Oreal" directed by Andy  Morahan in Rio de Janiero.
	"El Corte Ingles Fashion" directed by Rebbeca Blake.
	"Oreo Granola Bar" directed by Lol Creme.
	"Mariah Carey Lipstick Aventure" directed by Larry Jordan.
	"British Postal Service" directed by Andy Morahan in Berlin, Bombay,Tokyo,Vancouver & Chicago.
	Radio Shack  "Service-Baby" and  "Cellular Phone-Hesitation"directed by Lol Creme.
	"McDonald's  Music Sheets" directed by Luis Aira.
	"Mariah Carey  for  the  NYC Fresh Air Project " PSA directed by Larry Jordan.
	"McDonald's Monopoly Game" directed by Luis Aira.
	"Pizza Hut  Superbowl Charades" directed by Bob Giraldi.
	Moneygram "Stick It To You", "Stung", "Ripped Off", "Taken For A Ride"and "Falling 		Guys" directed by Lol Creme.
	"Houston Lighting & Power" directed by Jason Harrington.
	"Wasa Insurance" directed by Jonas Frick.
	"Asahi Dry Shoes" directed by Hideki Kuroda at Dumont Dunes, Ca.
	Sprint "10  Cent" commercials directed by  Luis Aira.
	"Bally's Fitness" directed by Steve Conner.

	Boyz II Men "Water Runs Dry" directed by Wayne Isham in White Sands, New Mexico.
	Michael Jackson "You Are Not Alone" directed by Wayne Isham.
	TLC "Diggin' On You" directed by Gary Gray.
	Meatloaf "I'd Lie For You, And That's The Truth" directed by Howard Greenhalgh.
	Tony Rich "Nobody Knows" directed by Hype Williams & Bille Woodruff.
	Seal "Don't Cry" directed by Wayne Isham.
 	Jon Secada & Shanice "If I Never Knew You" directed by Marcus Nispel.
	Human League "One Man In My Heart" directed by Andy Morahan in Lutton, England.
	George Benson "The Long And Winding Road" directed by Rebecca Blake.
	Garth Brooks "The Change" directed by Jon Small.
	Ben Taylor "I Will" directed by Jim Yukich.
	Lighthouse Family "Ocean Drive" directed by Marcus Nispell.
	Ali Campbell and Pamela Starks "That Look In Your Eyes" directed by Nick Brandt.
	Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men "One Sweet Day" directed bty Larry Jordan
	Karyn White "I'd Rather Be Alone" directed by Lionel Martin.
	Jordan Hill "Remember Me This Way" directed by Morgan Lawley.
	Warren G "So Many Ways" directed by  Hype Williams.
	RBX "Rough Is The Texture" directed by Mike Martin.
	A Few Good Men "Have I  Never" directed by Bille Woodruff.
	Immature directed by Hype Williams
	Lighting Consultant for Mariah Carey "Interviews".
	Lighting Consultant for Mariah Carey "International Music Awards"
	Director of Photography, "Bonnie Raitt Live Concert " directed by Jim Yukich.
	Lighting Consultant "Van Halen Balance Tour".
	Lighting Consultant "Mariah Carey MTV Interviews".
	Lighting Consultant "Mariah Carey Worldwide "Fantasy" Package" directed by Larry Jordan.
	Lighting Consultant "Mariah Carey Live at Madison Square Garden" directed by Larry Jordan.
	Lighting Consultant "Mariah Carey  "Daydream" Package" directed by Larry Jordan.

Daniel Pearl-Director of Photography 	1994				

	"Chic Jeans Perfect Woman" directed by Simon West.
	"Hollywood Cigarettes-Ocean Kiyaking" directed by Bob Giraldi in Buzios, Brazil.
	"LaBatt's Bleue Dry " directed by Andy Morahan in Rabat, Morocco.
	"Tetra Pak - Lisa's Best" directed by Agust Baldursson  in Capetown, South Africa.
	"L.A. Gear Christmas Morning" directed by Meiert Avis.
	"Merle Norman Cosmetics" directed by David Duncan.
	"Campbell's Soup Tennis" directed by Simon West.
	"AT&T On The Line" directed by Marcus Nispell.
	"Campbell's Soup Wild Ride" directed by David Bishop, in Toronto, Ontario.
	"Ocean Spay Fruit Wave Candies" directed by Meiert Avis.
	"Disney Sing A Long" directed by Meiert Avis.
	"Chrysler Future" directed by Millicent Shelton.
	"Crest Tarter Control" directed by Roy Campanella .
	"USSB  Satellite TV" directed by Lol Creme.
	"Bridge" Pioneer Car CD Player, directed by Meiert Avis.
	"NFL Football" Fox Sports directed by Bruce Greenburg.
	"Plymouth Neon" directed by Lol Creme.
	"Miller Lite" directed by Robert Hambleton.
	"McDonald's '95 Marathon" directed by Luis Aira.
	Toni Braxton "You Mean The World To Me" directed by Lionel Martin.
	Garth Brooks, "Standing Outside The Fire" directed by Jon Small.
	Boyz II Men "Thank You" directed by Lionel Martin.
	Garth Brooks, "The Red Strokes"  directed by Jon Small.
	Raitt, Bonnie "Love Sneakin Up On You" directed by  Meiert Avis.
	Taylor Dane "Origional Sin" directed by  Russell Mulcahey.
	Toni Braxton "How Many Ways" directed by Lionel Martin.
	M.C. Hammer "Don't Stop" directed by  Craig Brooks.
	Travis Tritt "Foolish Pride" directed by  Gustavo Garzon.
	Pantera "Five Minutes Alone" directed by  Wayne Isham.
	Amy Grant & Vince Gill "House Of Love" directed by Marcus Nispell
	Shanice "I Like" directed by Lionel Martin.
	Tom Jones  "If I Only Knew" Co-DP (Human sequences) directed by Lol Creme.
	Travis Tritt "Ten Foot Tall And Bullet Proof" directed by Jon Small.
	Cece & Bebe Winans "If Anything Happens"directed by Larry Jordan.
	Barry White "Come On" directed by Gary Gray.
	New Power Generation directed by Jesse Vaughn.
	Kylie Minogue "Confide in Me" directed by Paul Boyd.
	Tyler Collins  directed by Carolyn Mayer.
	Shanice "Turn Out The Lights" directed by Lionel Martin.
	Little Texas "Kick A Little" directed by Jon Small.
	Brownstone "Pass the Lovin'" directed by Jesse Vaughn.
	BeBe  & CeCe Winans  "Love Of My Life" directed by Larry Jordan.
	Doug Stone, "Addicted To A Dollar" directed by   Marius Penczner.
	Damion Hall ,"I Want To Satisfy You" directed by Jesse Vaughn.
	II D Extreme, "Let Me Love You" directed by  Jesse Vaughn.
	Ce Ce Peniston "I'm Not Over You" directed by  Milliscent Shelton.
	Coolio "Fantastic Voyage" directed by  Gary Gray.
	Rhett Atkins "What They're Talking About"directed by Jon Small
	Director of Photography "Rolling Stones Voodoo Lounge" Concert Video directed by Jim Gable.
	Director of Photography, Reba McEntire Concert, directed by Jon Small.
	Lighting Consultant "Mariah Carey Live to the World" directed by Larry Jordan.
	Lighting Consultant "Mariah Carey, Christmas at the Saint John the Devine Cathedral.

Daniel Pearl-Director of Photography 	1993 				

	Miller Genuine Draft "Race Wear" directed by Morgan Lawley.
	U.P.S. "Chain of Events" directed by Lol Creme.
	Sony "Mariah Carey Mini Disc Recorder" directed by Morimoto for Dentsu Prox.
	"George Brett for Ben Gay" directed by Lol Creme.
	"Ken Griffy, Jr. for Upper Deck Trading Cards" directed by Meiert Avis.
	"Lorenzo Lamas for Parliament Cigarettes" directed by Eliseo Subiela.
	"Skittles" directed by Luis Aira for Big Antenna.

	Meatloaf "I'd Do Anything For Love", directed by Michael Bay.
	Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown "Something In Common", directed by Andy  Morahan.		
	Guns N' Roses "Estranged", directed by Andy Morahan.
	Bon Jovi "Bed Of Roses" directed by Wayne Isham.
	Michael Bolton "I Said I Loved You, But I Lied" directed by Rebbecca Blake.	Terence Trent D'Arby "Delicate" directed by Andy Morahan.
	Bobby Brown "That's The Way Love Is", directed by Andy Morahan.
	Lisa Stansfield "A Little Bit Of Heaven  " directed by Marcus Raboy in Rome.	
	Mariah Carey "Hero" directed by Larry Jordan.
	Coverdale/Page "Pride And Joy" directed by Andy Morahan.
	Toni Braxton "Seven Whole Days" directed by Lionel Martin.
	Boyz II  Men "Silent Night" & "Let It Snow" directed by Lionel Martin.
	Coverdale/Page "Take Me For a Little While" directed  by Andy Morahan.
	Cypress Hill " Ain't Goin' Out Like That" directed by Gary Gray.
	Reba McEntire "It's Your Call" directed by Jon Small.	
	Celine Dion "When I Fall In Love" directed by Dom Orlando.
	Babyface "For The Cool In You" directed by Andy Morahan.
	7669 "Joy" directed by Lionel Martin.
	Patti Scialfa "Lucky Girl" directed by Meiert Avis.
	Intelligent Hoodlum "The Posse", directed by Paris Barclay.
	ABC "I Don't Wanna Be Grown Up" directed by Lionel Martin.
	Saigon Kick "I Love You" directed by Michael Tighe.
	Zahmu "More Than A Month" directed by Paris Barclay for HBO.
	Dino "Ooh Child" directed by Graham Elliot.
	Saigon Kick "All I Want".
	Jodeci "I'll Cry For You" directed by Sean "Puffy" Combs.

	Director of Photography "Mariah Carey NBC Special" directed by Larry Jordan.	
	Director of Photography "Trisha Yearwood Disney Special" directed by  Steve Purcell.	
	Director of Photography, Dallas Unit "A Day In The Life Of Country Music".
	Director of Photography, Cindy Crawford Sequence "Rolling Stone 93" directed 		by Joel Gallen.	
	Louma Crane Operator,  INXS "It's Only Time" directed by Clayton Jacobson.	
	Kenworthy Snorkle Camera Operator "Marlboro 'Boots'" Spot directed by Paul  Hopkins.

Daniel Pearl-Director of Photography  1992	
	Coca-Cola "Waking Up The Neighborhood" Directed by Meiert Avis for Film Partners Ltd.
	"NASDAQ / Microsoft" directed by Meiert Avis for Plum Prods.
	Century 21 Real Estate directed by Lol Creme for Pelorus Films
	AT&T  "Rhythm" directed by Luis Aira for Big Antenna.
	NASDAQ "Nordstom"s" directed by Meiert Avis for Plum Prods.

	Bruce Springsteen "Human Touch" directed by Meiert Avis
	Lionel Ritchie "Do It To Me" directed by Michael Bay
	Guns N' Roses "November Rain" Co DP, directed by Andy Morahan
	Michael Jackson "Give In To Me" directed by Andy Morahan
	Guns N' Roses "Yesterdays" & "Garden of Eden" directed by Andy Morahan
	Roxette "Queen of Rain" directed by Matt Murray in Normandie, France
	Megadeth "Sweating Bullets" directed by Wayne Isham
	Queensryche "Anybody Listening" directed by Matt Murray
	Eddie Murphy "I Was A King" directed by Wayne Isham
	Simply Red "For Your Babies" directed by Andy Morahan
	Dolly Parton "Straight Talk" directed by Domonic Orlando
	Damn Yankees "Where You Goin' Now" Co DP,  directed by Larry Jordan
	Rod Stewart "Tom Traubert's Blues" directed by Carolyn Mayer
	Stephanie Mills "All Day, All Night" directed by Gustavo Garzon
	Patti LaBelle "All Right Now" CoDP
	Harry Connick, Jr. "Stardust Memories" directed by Paris Barclay
	Eddie Murphy "Desdamona" directed by Wayne Isham
	Bryan Adams "Touch The Hand" directed by Andy Morahan
	Michael Bolton "Missing You Now" directed by Jim Yukich
	Warrant "Machine Gun" directed by Meiert Avis
	Little Village "Don't Go Away Mad" directed by Mark Fenski
	Bruce Springsteen "Better Days" & "Leap Of Faith"  directed by Meiert Avis
	Ralph Tresvant "Money Can't Buy Me Love" directed by Paris Barclay
	Kathy Troccoli "Everthing Changes" directed by Brian Grant
	MSG "When I'm Gone" directed by Alan Carter
	Tesla "Stir It Up" directed by Phillip Owen
	Thrill Kill Cult "Sex on Wheels" directed by Ralph Bakshi
	Spinal Tap "Bitch School" directed by Mark Rezyka
	Richard Marx "Take This Heart" directed by Jim Yukich
	Vince Neil "You're Invited, But Your Friend Can't Come" directed by Larry Jordan
	Heavy Bones "Four AM T.M." directed by John Beug
	Restless Heart "When She Cries" directed by Wayne Miller

	DP Van Halen"Right Here, Right Now" Concert Longform directed by Mitch Sinoway 
	Louma Crane Operator for Metallica Concert Film directed by Wayne Isham
	Lighting Consultant MTV's "Mariah Carey Unplugged" directed by Larry Jordan
	Lighting Consultant for Simply Red European Concert film
	Louma Crane Operator  for The Cure Concert Film directed by Aubrey Powell

Daniel Pearl-Director of Photography 	1991				

	"Ensemble" Canoe Men's Cologne directed by Lol Creme.
	NYNEX "General Stores/Anchors/Die Casting & Burglar Bars" for Lol Creme.
	Pacific Bell "Backdrop California" & "Backdrop London" directed by Lol Creme.
	Plymouth "Sundance, Cheap?!" directed by Lol Creme for Pelorus Films.
	SEAT "Toledo" car spot directed by Jerry Apoian for MIMA Films in Madrid.
	Isuzu "Change" directed by Dan Levinson.
	Plymouth "Beautiful", "Hi There" & "Married Man" directed by Lol Creme..
	Plymouth/Dodge Vans directed by Lol Creme.
	Plymouth "Lover's Lane" directed by Lol Creme.

	Mariah Carey "I Don't Wanna Cry" directed by Larry Jordan.
	Michael Bolton "Time, Love And Tenderness"&"Steel Bars" directed by Jim Yukich.
	Genesis "I Can't Dance" directed by Jim Yukich.
	Van Halen "Poundcake" directed by Andy Morahan for RSA/USA.
	Bob Dylan "Series of Dreams" directed by Meiert Avis.
	Guns N' Roses "Don't Cry" directed by Andy Morahan. 
	George Michael & Elton John "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" directed by Andy 		Morahan .
	Simply Red "Something Got Me Started" directed  by Andy Morahan in Seville,Spain.
	Sheena Easton "What Comes Naturally " directed by Andy Morahan.
	Simple Minds "Let There Be Love" directed by Andy Morahan. 
	The Psychedelic Furs "Til She Comes" directed by Meiert Avis.
	Bobby McFerrin "Baby" directed by Andy Morahan. 
	Scorpions "Send Me An Angel" directed by Meiert Avis.
	Tony, Toni,Tone "What Ever You Want" directed by Alan Carter.
	Foreigner  "Lowdown And Dirty" directed by Mark Rezyka.
	Jennifer  Holliday ""I'm On Your Side" directed by Larry Jordan.
	The Nelsons "Only Time Will Tell" directed by Mark Rezyka.
	Van Halen "Runaround" directed by Meiert Avis.
	Robbie Nevil " I Want To Be Just Like You" directed by Meiert Avis.
	The Blessing "Highway 5" directed by Meiert Avis.
	Ratt "Nobody Rides For Free" directed by Alan Carter & Jim Yukich.
	Slaughter "Shout It Out" directed by Charlie Randazzo for Planet Films.
	Debbie Gibson "It's Gonna Take A Miracle" directed by Jim Yukich.
	Beth Neilsen Chapman "Walk My Way" directed by Jim Gable.
	Rhythm Syndicate  "Donna" directed by Larry Jordan. 

	DP Barbet Schroeder for the 1991 Academy Awards.
	DP "Paul Reiser-Right on 14th St" Showtime Special directed by Jim Yukich.
       Wes Cam Remote Control Camera Operator "Gates of Heaven " Yumi Matsutoya    l	ongform  directed by Marc Brickman for Propaganda in Osaka.
Daniel Pearl-Director of Photography 	1990		

 	Nissan Cars "Nudge" directed by Lol Creme for the Artist Co.
	NYNEX Yellow Pages "Book Recovery" & "Book Jackets" directed by Lol Creme
	Plymouth "Voyager MetaMORPHosis" and 5 others directed by Lol Creme
	Merrill Lynch "Bull Amongst Sheep" directed by Paul Gold for Sussen & Co.
	Pontiac Grande Prix "The Best" & "Driver's Choice" directed by Jerry Apoian
	Dayton/Hudson Dept. Stores directed by Todd Allen for Loukafilm
	Yamaha Lawnmowers "On the Grass" directed by Herb Stott
	Nissan "Nudge 2" directed by Dan Levinson
	Nissan "Sentra Longest Range" directed by Jerry Apoian
	Plymouth "Imperfect World" directed by Lol Creme for the Artist Co.
	Vons/United Airlines directed by Fred Mulvey
	"Bugs Bunny Birthday Call" with Vanna White for Warner Bros.
	Henry Ford Hospital "Eye Care" directed by Jerry Apoian for Lucasfilm
	Aids Information Spot directed by Jerry Apoian
	Michigan "Anti Smoking" spots directed by Jerry Apoian

	Jon Bon Jovi "Blaze of Glory" directed by Wayne Isham for The Company
	Mariah Carey "Someday" directed by Larry Jordan
 	DiVinyls "I Touch Myself" directed by Michael Bay for Propaganda
	Bette Midler "Night and Day" directed by Meiert Avis
	Warrant "Uncle Tom's Cabin" directed by Meiert Avis
	Michael Bolton "Georgia On My Mind" & "Back On My Feet Again"directed by  Meiert Avis
	En Vogue "Hold On" directed by Tarseme
	Fleetwood Mac "Sky's the Limit" directed by David Hogan
	Billy Idol "Prodigal Blues" motorcycle sequence and Billy's close ups directed by Larry Jordan
	Ryuichi Sakamoto "We Love You" directed by Big TV
	Jeff Lynne "Every Little Thing" directed by Meiert Avis
	GoGos "Cool Jerk" directed by Martin Coppen and Sid Bartholomew
	Corey Hart "BANG" directed by Meiert Avis
	Hot House Flowers "Giving It All Away" directed by Meiert Avis in Dublin
	Debbie Gibson "Someday" directed by Jim Yukich
	Brent Bourgeois "Can't Feel The Pain" directed by Meiert Avis
	Lost Boys "Cryin' Out " directed by Mark Rezyka
	Donnie Miller "Devil Wears Lingerie"  directed by Alan Carter
	David Baerwald "Dance" directed by Meiert Avis
	Mark  Jordan "Edge of the World" directed by Meiert Avis
	Winger "Easy Come, Easy Go" directed by Mark Rezyka.
	REO Speedwagon "Live It Up"directed by Mark Rezyka.

	"Truth or Dare" feature film  about Madonna's '90 tour, co DP doc sequences.
	Director of Photography"Michael Jordan's Playground" for NBA films.
	Director of Photography"The White Cyc Show" directed by Lol Creme.
	Technocrane Operator, Nike/Agassi  "Rock n' Roll Tennis"  directed by Dom Sena.
	Louma Crane Operator, Footlocker "Choir" directed by Greg Gold.
	Oliver Stone for the 1990 Academy Awards Show.
	Bugs Bunny Break  Dance action plates for Warner Bros..

Daniel Pearl-Director of Photography 				1989

	NIKE, "You Can't Dunk" directed by Bob Giraldi.
	Worlds of Wonder Toys, "Jaminator" & "Fast Track" directed by Lol Creme.
	Kendall Oil, "Pour It In, Pour It On" directed by Jerry Apoian.
	NYNEX, "Sweepstakes" directed by Lol Creme.
	Plymouth, "Fit And Finish", "Tina Turner","Imagination" etc. directed by Lol Creme.
	Nissan, "Chorus" directed by Lol Creme.
	Audi, "White Cyc" directed by Lol Creme.
	GE Audio Products, "Brothers" directed by Lol Creme.
	Dyer's Yogurt, "Inspirations" directed by Stephan Roman.
	Lederle Laboratories, "Rhuematoid Arthritis" directed by Bob Giraldi.
	Good Sense Trash Bags, "Stumpf" directed by Lol Creme.
	Henry Ford Hospital, "Eye Care" directed by Jerry Apoian.
	Texas Dept. of Health "Faces" AIDS awareness PSAs directed by Lol Creme.
	Michigan Dept. of Health "Bogue", "Chimneys", etc PSAs directed by Jerry Apoian.

	The Rolling Stones, "Almost Hear You Sigh", directed by Wayne Isham.
	Tina Turner, "The Best", Directed by Lol Creme.
	Andreas Vollenweider, "Pearls and Tears" directed by Larry Jordan.
	Terence Trent D'Arby "Billy, Don't Fall in Love With Me","To Know Someone Deeply",
		& "This Side Of Love" directed by Meiert Avis.
	Debbie Harry, "I Want That Man", directed by Mary Lambert.
	Jackson Browne, "Anything Can Happen", directed by Meiert Avis.
	Debbie Gibson, "No More Rhyme", directed by Jim Yukich.
	Corey Hart, "Little Love", directed by Meiert Avis.
	Melissa Ethridge, "Similar Features" & "No Other Lover" directed by Meiert Avis.
	Judson Spence, "Love Dies In Slow Motion" & "If You Don't Like It" directed by Meiert 		Avis.
	FM, diected by Jim Yukich.

	DP Acura "Introducing the Integra" sales film directed by Jerry Apoian.
	DP "The History of Television" starring Alan Alda, directed by Scott Garen for the 		Disney/MGM Tour.
	DP Deacon Blue Glasgow Concert longform,  directed by Meiert Avis.
	Louma Operator, The Who "Tommy" live broadcast directed by Larry Jordan.
	Louma Operator, Prince, "Bat Dance" & "Partyman" directed by Al Magnoli.

Daniel Pearl-Director of Photography 	1988

	IBM, Alan Alda "Airplane","Flood", & "Future" directed by Bob Giraldi.
	Tropicana Hotel, "Hot,Hot, Hot!" directed by David Duncan.
	Chevrolet, "Heartbeat of America" directed by Jerry Apoian.
	Miller Lite, Joe Piscopo "Night of the Living Lite" directed by Bob Giraldi.
	Diet Coke, Judge Reinhold "Shark" directed by Bob Giraldi.
	Pacific Bell, "Call Waiting Spots" directed by Bob Giraldi.
	Yugo, "Endurance" directed by Jerry Apoian.
	Nutrelle Soap, directed by Jim Giddens.
	Sundowner Sun Block, directed by Todd Allen.
	Drexell Burnham, "Hospital" directed by Bob Giraldi.
	Warner Bros. Records, "CD's" directed by Jonas Livingston.
	Dayton/Hudson Dept. Stores, "Fashion" & "Sheri Lewis & Lambchop" dir. by Jerry 		Apoian.
	KKB Bank of Germany, directed by Jim Giddens.
	U.K./L.A., Series of PSA's directed by Todd Allen.

	Rod Stewart, "Lost In You" directed by Johnathan Kaplan.
	Edie Brickel, "What I Am" directed by Jonas Livingston.
	Herbie Hancock, "Keep The Vibe Alive" directed by Meiert Avis.
	The Toll, directed by Jonas Livingston.

	DP "Mr. Lucky" short film starring Martin Short and Chevy Chase directed by Jim 			Abrahams for the Disney/MGM Tour.
	Additional Photography, Michael Jackson's longform "Moonwalker" dir. by Jerry Kramer.
	Louma Operator, Pink Floyd, "Distant Sound of Thunder" concert directed by Wayne 		Isham.
	DP Virgin Records promotional film, directed by Jonas Livingston.
	DP Geffen Records promotional film, directed by Jonas Livingston.

Daniel Pearl-Director of Photography 	1987

	"LeRoy Nieman" Sharp Color Copiers, directed by Todd Allen.
	"Rappin' Joe Piscopo" & "Ninja Joe" Miller Lite Beer, directed by Bob Giraldi.
	"George Carlin" Fuji Videdotape products, directed by Bob Giraldi.
	"Jeep" Pepsi Cola, directed by Jerry Apoian.
	"Music" & "Frog", Apple Computers, directed by Bob Giraldi.
	"Dynamite", New Yorker Magazine, directed by Bob Giraldi.
	"Drug Free America", directed by Bob Giraldi.
	"Big Enough for Five" Hyundai Cars, directed by Bob Giraldi.
	Army Gear Toys, directed by Steve Hulen.
	Victoria Salsa, directed by Larry Williams
	U2 "With Or Without You", directed by Meiert Avis.
	Cyndi Lauper "Boy Blue", directed by Andy Morahan.
	Elton John & MInnie Mouse, "Don't Go Breakin' My Heart", directed by Scott Garen.
	Earth,Wind & Fire "System of Survival", directed by Bob Giraldi.
	Pretty Poison "Catch Me I'm Falling", directed by Bob Giraldi.

	Cyndi Lauper "Live in Paris" concert film directed by Andy Morahan.

	DP "Hiding Out" starring Jon Cryer, directed by Bob Giraldi for DeLaurentis Ent. Group
	DP "Deadly Illusion" starring Billy Dee Williams and Morgan Fairchild, directed by Larry 
		Cohen and Bill Tannen.
	"Collision Course"(Substitute D.P.) directed by Louis Teague for DeLaurentis.

Daniel Pearl-Director of Photography 	1986

	"Mother" & "Woman" American Dairy Board, directed by Bob Giraldi.
	"First Electric Lights" & " Gas Lights" Pacific Gas & Electric, directed by Bob Giraldi.
	Lionel Ritchie "Ballerina Girl", directed by Bob Giraldi.
	Lionel Ritchie "Dancing On The Ceiling", directed by Stanley Donen.
	Aretha Franklin "Jimmy Lee", directed by Brian Grant.
	Paul McCartney "Stranglehold", directed by Bob Giraldi.
	Wham "Edge Of Heaven", directed by Andy Morahan.
	Wham "Where Did our Love Go", directed by Andy Morahan & George Michael. 

	DP "Return to Salem's Lot" starring Michael Moriarity, directed by Larry Cohen for 
		Warner Bros.
	DP "Island Of The Alive", starring Michael Moriarity, directed by Larry Cohen for 
		Warner Bros.
	DP "Amazon Women On The Moon" starring Rosanna Arquette, Carrie Fisher, Arsenio  Hall, 
		Ed Begly, Jr., and Lou Jacoby, directed by John Landis, Joe Dante, Carl Gotlieb,
		Bob Weiss, and Peter Horton.

Daniel Pearl-Director of Photography 1985

	"Rockin'" Sugar Crisps Cereal, for Olgivy & Mather In House
	Tina Turner "We Don't Need Another Hero", directed by George Miller.
	Don Henly "Not Enough Love In The World", directed by Timothy Hutton.
	Stevie Wonder "Don't Drive Drunk", directed by Bob Giraldi.
	Chicago "Along Comes A Woman", directed by Jay Dubin.
	Go West "Call Me" directed by Russell Mulcahey.
	Air Supply , directed by John Jopson.
	Rockwell, directed by Ian Fletcher.
	King Kobra "Hunger", directed by Pete Angelus.

	DP Phil Collins "No Jacket Required Tour" concert film, directed by Jim Yukich.
	DP Iron Maiden in concert longform, directed by Jim Yukich.

	DP "Invaders From Mars" starring Karen Black, Timothy Bottoms, and Louise Fletcher,
		directed by Tobe Hooper for Cannon Films.

Daniel Pearl-Director of Photography 	1984

	"Trans Am" Pontiac, directed by Tim Newman.
	"Wouldn't Share" Pizza Hut, directed by Norman Zieff.
	"Cheese Snacks" Kraft, directed by Farhad.
	"Rock n" Roll" Mellow Yellow Soft Drink, directed by Jim Yukich.
	"Bogie Santa" Warner Bros. Records, directed by Arthur Pierson.
	Duran, Duran "The Reflex", directed by Russell Mulcahey.
	The Cars "Drive", directed by Timothy Hutton.
	Phil Collins "Against All Odds", directed by Taylor Hackford.
	John Cougar Mellencamp "Authority Song", directed by Jay Dubin.
	Frankie Goes To Hollywood "Relax", directed by Brian DePalma.
	Van Halen "Hot For Teacher", directed by Jerry Kramer and David Lee Roth.
	U2 "Pride (In The Name Of Love)", directed in Dublin by Donald Cammel.
	Elton John "The Passenger", directed by Simon Milne in St. Tropez.
	Thompson Twins "You Take Me Up", directed by Dee Trattman in Algarve, Portugal.
	B.B. King "Into The Night", "Lucielle", & "In The Midnight Hour", directed by John Landis.
	Tommy Shaw "Girls With Guns", directed by Jerry Kramer.
	Thompson Twins "Sister Of Mercy" & "Lay Your Hands On Me", directed by Dee Trattman.
	Oak Ridge Boys "Everyday", directed by Daniel Pearl.
	Ray Parker, Jr. "Ghostbusters", directed by Ivan Reitman.
	Animotion "Obsession"
	Patti Smythe "The Warrior"
	Berlin, directed by Jim Yukich
	Iron Maiden in Munich, directed by Jim Yukich
	Meatloaf , directed by Brian Grant.
	Tony Carey, directed by Larry Jordan.
	Bill Summer "It's Over"
	DP Duran,Duran "The Reflex Tour Concert Film", directed by Russell Mulcahey.
	DP Genesis, "The Prince's Trust Concert" directed by Jim Yukich in Birmingham,England.
	DP Thompson Twins "The Gap Tour", directed by Dee Trattman.
	DP "World's Fastest Man" Carl Lewis track training film.
	DP  "The Winning Edge" John McEnroe and Ivan Lendyl tennis training film.
	DP"Jump" NBC pilot directed by Don Mischner.
	Additional Photography"Body Double" (Sex Club Sequence), directed by Brian 			DePalma.

Daniel Pearl-Director of Photography 	1983

	"Roscoe Tanner Big Serve" Penn Tennis Balls
	"Tac Scan" Sega Video Games, directed by Jerry Kramer.
	Michael Jackson "Billie Jean", directed by Steve Baron.
	Police "Every Breath You Take" directed by Godly& Creme.
	Billy Idol "Dancing With Myself", directed by Tobe Hooper.
	Supertramp "It's Raining Again", directed by Russell Mulcahey.
	Genesis "That's All", directed by Jim Yukich.
	Police "Wrapped Around Your Finger" directed by Godly& Creme.
	Donna Summer "She Works Hard For The Money", directed by Brian Grant.
	Stevie Nicks "If Anyone Falls", directed by Jim Lenahan.
	Bryan Adams "Cut's Like A Knife", directed by Steve Baron.
	Lionel Ritchie "All Night Long", directed by Bob Raphelson.
	Kenny Rogers "This Woman", directed by Jay Dubin.
	R.E.M. "Radio Free Europe", directed by Arthur Pierson.
	Kim Carnes "Invisible Touch", directed by Jim Yukich.
	Stewart Copeland "Don't Box Me In (Rumblefish), directed by Howie Duetsch.
	Willie Nelson & Julio Iglesias "To All The Girls I've Loved Before".
	Rick Springfield, "Human Touch", directed by Doug Dowdle.
	Gladys Knight & The Pips "Save The Overtime For Me", directed by Kenny Ortega.
	Kool & The Gang "Joanna"
	Rick Ocasek "Jimmy,Jimmy", directed by Luis Aria.
	The Tubes "She's A Lady", directed by Kenny Ortega.
	Dan Fogelburg "Language of Love", directed by Larry Johnson.
	Laura Braniga "Solitaire"
	Ashford & Simpson

	DP Styx "Mr. Roboto Tour" concert film, directed by Jerry Kramer.
	DP Jack Lemon's address to the American Film Institute.

Daniel Pearl-Director of Photography 							

Features - 1973 to1982

FEATURES (Director of Photography)
	TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE,directed by Tobe Hooper. 1973
	SHE CAME TO THE VALLEY, directed Albert Band, starring Ronee Blakely, Scott Glenn, 
		and Dean Stockwell. Period Western. 
	SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS, Stevie Wonder sequences.
	THE RETURN, starring Cybil Shepard, Jan-Michael Vincent, and Raymond Burr.
	IT LIVES AGAIN (IT'S ALIVE II), CoDP, starring Frederic Forrest, directed by Larry Cohen.
	HOMETOWN, U.S.A. produced and directed by Max Baer, Jr.
	THE FIFTH FLOOR with Bo Hopkins, directed by Hickmet Avedis.
	FULLMOON HIGH with Adam and Alan Arkin, directed by Larry Cohen.
	GETTING WASTED with Brian Kerwin.
	ZAPPED! starring Scott Baio, Willy Ames, and Scattman Crothers, directed by Bob Rose., 
	THE JUNKMAN, directed by Tobe Halicky, CoDP

FEATURES (Operator, 2nd Unit D.P., etc.)
	I NEVER PROMISED YOU A ROSE GARDEN, Cinematographer fantasy sequences, 		directed by  Anthony Page, produced by Michael Hausman for New Line Cinema.
	BEASTMASTER, Second camera operator, Director of Photography John Alcott.
	DAY OF THE ANIMALS, Second Unit D.P. for Film Ventures
STUNTS (SOMEONE'S KILLING THE STUNTMEN), Second Unit D.P., with Ray Sharkey,directed by Mark Lester for New Line Cinema.
	THE FUNHOUSE, Additional photography, directed by Tobe Hoooper, produced by 
		Mace Neufeld for Universal Studios.
	THE RAVAGERS, Additional photography, directed by Richard Compton, produced by 		Saul David for Columbia.
	Q, THE SERPENT  Additional photography, with David Carradine, directed by Larry 		Cohen.
	THE SEDUCTION,  Additional photography, directed by David Schmoeller for Avco 		Embassy.
	THE CLASS OF '84 , Additional photography, directed by Mark Lester.
	THE HEARSE, Steadi-Cam operator, for Crown International.
	ROLLER BOOGIE, Roller skating camera operator, additional photography.
	SKATETOWN, U.S.A., Roller skating cameraman.
	RUST NEVER SLEEPS, Camera operator, directed by Neil Young.
	JIVE ASP, Camera operator.